Sex Toys: Addressing Fears And Myths

A sex toy has often been associated with masturbation or solo activities. However, when used by a couple, it can open a whole new world of intimacy. So, why is it that we seem to still discuss sex toys in hushed tones and wonder if its usage can harm us or our relationships? Let’s get a few myths addressed:

Why a sex toy?

Sexual Intercourse is just one aspect of having sex and if you intend to have a more fulfilling life with your partner, there are a great many ways of giving and receiving pleasure. While the act itself is satisfying, exploring each other’s fantasies and experimenting with Adult Products India can only enhance the experience. This ultimately results in better bonding while uplifting a fading sex life. Let’s face it, marriage can become mundane and boring after spending years with the same person. The onus lies on us to spice things up so we can keep the romance and sizzle alive. What better way than to experiment with toys which come in numerous sizes and shapes.

Is It Normal?

Before we explain why and how it is absolutely normal to use toys to enhance your sex life! There is nothing abnormal in wanting to add a bit more fun into your sex lives. A sex toy can be compared to using foreplay to enhance your sexual experience. When used amongst partners, you will find that partners express themselves better and this leads to better understanding in couples. In many cases, where partners find it difficult to orgasm, using sex toys will not only help but it also improves the blood circulation thereby improving your overall sexual experience.


This is probably the most common excuse when people hesitate to buy a sex toy. What you should remember is that you are going to be shying away from an experience that can change the way you think about sex. In fact, if you look at the statistics, you will find that more and more people are buying sex toys to heat up the action in their bedrooms and most of such people are married. If you have struggled with the decision to buy one, pick one up as a birthday gift and there will be no turning back to the old days of simple sex!.

My Partner is hesitant

Many people are hesitant to pick up these toys because they are unsure about their partner’s reaction. When you know that your physical relationship will only get a boost by using them, it is well worth the try. However, if you still have reservations, why not use them yourself first and then convince your partner. Looking at your positive reactions, your partner will be more than curious. This will improve the closeness and trust you share.

How do I buy?

This really should be the least of your worries. Nowadays there are several options for people to buy sex toys. While there are specialized stores which sell several different toys, such places will have to be visited. The big advantage of these stores is that you can see and feel the product before you buy it. There will be salesmen/women who can help you make the right choice for you. If you are too shy and dread the above option, there are many sex toy stores online which provide a whole gamut of options for you and your partner. Not only do they give you the range, you can also ship them to the place you want. Such online stores are understanding enough to ship them in discreet packaging which ensures that only you know the contents of the package. Always ensure that you go with reliable suppliers whether they are online or a store. This will ensure that your details are not forwarded or sold to third parties. This will prevent a whole bunch of unwanted emails or catalogs. It is true when some people say, “it is all in your mind”. If you want to change a few things about your sex life, then this is the best way to do it. The benefits of using a sex toy are plentiful- it not only keeps your libido charged, but it also keeps your Kegel muscles toned and happy!